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[Coke] recorded, no, minutes, yes 13:30
coleman put them on the wiki, should be on the menu on the right
coleman, sena_kun & I had homework; if you want to help, we definitely need help with new docs, editing, testing.
brb. 13:31
for testing: test navigation. feedback on CSS, any JS errors, rendering bugs... e.g. more like "this doesn't render on <screen>" instead of "I would like the color palette if it were more green." 13:53
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[Coke] coleman: any luck building either site yet? 14:41
I don't know if this was ever explicitly said, but: we're moving forward with the new site; it will help us address *so many* open tickets in the repo. 14:42
if anyone else wants to provide testing on the site, please reach out to myself (or sena_kun), and we'll you the URL/issue repo. Looking primarily for remaining functional issues as opposed to purely stylistic. 14:43
One thing about the new site that is different content wise is the groupings (used mainly for search headings). Feedback on those also welcome, though the goal there is to move to a new, streamlined structure, not follow the existing ad-hoc settings we've accumulated over the years. 14:48
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[Coke] test 15:36
[Coke] Documentation Channel for #raku | This channel is logged | github.com/raku/doc/wiki
[Coke] Documentation Channel for #raku | This channel is logged | Roadmap: github.com/raku/doc/wiki 15:41
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[Coke] I know several of the issues in raku/doc are resolved by the new site work; is there a canonical list? We can add a tag to the tickets, but the tag will be obsolete soon. 16:23
when reviewing the new site, we should also review github.com/Raku/doc/labels/site to see if there are any to add to the list. 16:24
Does the new site have the all-in-one page? 16:26
Altai-man [Coke], most of the things assigned to me, no canonical list. 16:40
>all-in-one page
re list: I can write one if needed
I think the old one has it mostly by accident, I'm not sure what's the status of Pod::To::BigPage now. 16:41
[Coke] well, it won't be a requirement to go live, but we do want to get something like it back. (maybe we go directly to "build an ebook format") as a different build. 16:45
Altai-man I agree. 16:55
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[Coke] m: say Compiler.new.^methods; #ahh 17:58
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coleman I have only tried the old site; I will try the new site after work today 18:46
What does "all in one page" mean? 18:52
[Coke] all the content, single html file 19:11
was theoretically a stopgap on the way to an e-reader version
coleman cool, that's neat
[Coke] reading a bit into epub3 format, looks like we could probably easily take a "html with everything" and throw it into an epub 19:23
Long term would be nice to have a specific ordering for that, maybe with some additional content to at least explain "this isn't meant to be read as a book" 19:24
trying the docker install now (doing the initial build takes a second) 22:54
(for new-site) 22:55
apparently haven't run docker on this mac in years
so if there's an update to the docs repo, what's the steps to re-update the site? we wouldn't need a full rebuild of the docker image, would we? 23:01
"updating rea mirror" - probably want to add --/rea to all the zef steps 23:02