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hythm Hello, I'm learning `SDL` and starting writing a small `Arkanoid`  like game using `Pop`,  github.com/hythm7/Zippy 00:08
the problem is I find it very slow, when I increase the number of bricks in the game, in this line github.com/hythm7/Zippy/blob/dev/l...akumod#L33 from `for ^60 X ^1 -> ( \i, \j ) {` to `for ^60 X ^20 -> ( \i, \j ) {` for example 00:10
my question is what do I need to do to make it fast with many bricks 00:12
I'm asking if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is some SDL optimizations needed for this simple games to make it fast 00:15
japhb hythm: It can help to pre-cache the coordinate set: my @coords = ^60 X ^20; for @coords -> ($x, $y) { 00:45
But of course the inside of the loop matters too. :-) 00:46
If you have Comma you can run your game under profiling and get a look at what's using the time
(You can do this without Comma, but then because games produce SO MUCH PROFILE DATA, you are generally needing to spelunk the SQL data set yourself.) 00:47
hythm Thanks japhb, will try this 00:48
`$!level.brick.map( -> $brick { Pop::Graphics.rectangle: $brick.xy, $brick.xy + $brick.wh, $brick.color, fill => $brick.fill } );`, this line is what is taking most time since it runs every frame and need to loop through `@!brick` to draw them, with increasing number of bricks it takes more time. I've seen similar games have many number of bricks 01:04
up to thousands bricks, and run smooth. so wondering if they do some kind of optimization, like draw only the changed bricks, not all bricks every frame
japhb Does Pop::Graphics.rectangle immediately draw the rectangle, or does it create an object to be drawn later? 01:08
(Because if it's the latter, create all those objects at the start of each level, and then you can iterate over the draw. 01:09
But yes, only drawing the changed bricks is a key optimization.
Also, if you're doing collision tests, using a data structure that allows you to only test the bricks near to the ball helps as well. 01:10
hythm the bricks objects are created at the start of every level, then `Pop::Graphics.rectangle`  draws them using their position points. 01:23
japhb hythm: Yeah, that's going to be a lot of drawing calls.
hythm for drawing the changed bricks only, this requires no calling `Pop::Graphics.clear;` every frame as well, I think 01:25
japhb nodnod
OOC, what is your current frame rate with 1200 bricks? 01:26
hythm 30
japhb For that type of game, that's not brutal. I was afraid you were getting like 2 FPS or something? 01:27
hythm oh I did not underestand your question correctly, I meant I set the frame rate to 30 ( Pop.run: :30fps ) 01:28
I dont know how to tell the current frmae rate I get during tunning the game
running* 01:29
but its really slow, so I see the ball moves like 2 or three times per second with 1200 bricks. so I'd say it's around 2 FPS 01:31
japhb jjatria: Around? hythm has Pop questions .... 01:33
They might be out of timezone right now. Also, it's a holiday weekend for some folks. 01:34