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jjatria Some more thoughts on module de-duplication: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...on/haellpg 09:53
tonyo_ a con for adjust meta is that it isn't supported not only by tooling but also rakudo where that spec is NYI 16:03
lizmat well, maybe that spec needs to be de-NYI'd
tonyo_ i don't disagree
jjatria There's a lot in S22 that seems very interesting to me, in that it offers interesting possibilities 16:40
I'm just think that we will not be able to de-NYI (lol) some of them until we get the semantics down pat 16:41
lizmat well, that was the problem at the time, and it is the problem now 16:51
perhaps a good time to start a problem solving issue ?
tonyo_ well, de-nyi'ing it still doesn't solve RL's problem 17:03
i wonder what results analyzing the code in lib/ resources/ for similarity %age for dists that match minus "auth" would tell you, if anything 17:04
jjatria That sounds like a lot of hard work. I stand by what I wrote on that comment: as far as raku.land is concerned, I think this should be something that authors need to do and we should support, rather than something we should do without author input 22:16
Loving all the double negatives in this convo, though :) 22:17
Or maybe I should say "not hating" :P
tonyo_ speech pattern of where i grew up. i don't think it's any of RLs problem of de-duplicating 22:32
nor should it be