16 Apr 2023
JRaspass tonyo is something borked in the storage side? 18:44
lizmat JRaspass yeah, also borked 18:49
17 Apr 2023
tonyo will take a look shortly, i'm not near enough to reliable internet atm 01:21
JRaspass Thanks, I'm trying to make the ingester more robust so it can at least skip over these broken tars 08:43
lizmat JRaspass++ 08:44
JRaspass It's noisy, but it's at least building for now - raku.land/build 08:52
tonyo what are the two tars erroring ? 21:59
i'm wondering if there's a problem with system tar on aws too, since it can read those
(or the one i know of)
removed those two 22:19
will be able to look more closely tonight (the files are still there just not in the index file so not reachable except by exact url)
JRaspass I think there was 3 in total, b994170df10048d10701b424cfcb18e6c9f63855 is the current one complaining 23:48
18 Apr 2023
tonyo okay, just axed that one too 00:59
19 Apr 2023
added another safe guard in the processor for those files so it should prevent that from happening again but as always, i'm sure we'll find another corner 19:44
those were working because _most_ of the files were recoverable from the tar
JRaspass oh nice one, thanks! 21:20
24 Apr 2023
lizmat so it looks like no new modules for the past 4 days? 09:04
is the ingester stuck again, and/or is the zef upload producing faulty tar files again? 09:05
JRaspass the ingester is working fine, have there been updates? 09:43
The logs look normal - raku.land/build
lizmat yeah, it's fez/zef that is at fault
JRaspass gotcha, i guess neither of the other ecos had had updates either? 09:44
lizmat well, the Whateverable in Recents is a false positive
it was just an update in the repo
JRaspass yep 09:45
lizmat no new version, so the REA ingester ignored that
but indeed, no new releases in the other backens
JRaspass kinda surprised no one updated a p6c or cpan dist in the last 4 days though, i guess zef is taking off
lizmat yeah, which is a good thing :-)
JRaspass true true 09:46
lizmat I guess we will have to wait until tonyo wakes up
JRaspass Yeah
ION I did a little RL dev last night, I don't like that people do it but we now linkify "vague" deps if they're just a name AND that name is unique across all ecos and authors - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/c...9a127631db 09:47
lizmat and then I guess we will need to talk about making fez more resilient
JRaspass $ curl -sI 360.zef.pm | grep ^l 09:48
last-modified: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 17:34:36 GMT
lizmat ok, tonyo tells me that uploads to fez are working again now, and I've confirmed that 16:53
sadly, this also means that any uploads done after Wed, 19 Apr 2023 17:34:36 GMT have gone into a black hole 16:54
1 May 2023
tonyo finally tracked down the bug causing nothing to upload 18:07
just updated the queue processor with the new stuff, we shouldn't see anymore corrupted tars slipping through 18:23
lizmat tonyo++ 18:56
28 May 2023
avuserow FYI looks like raku.land has not rebuilt in 3 days, might need a look 00:07
JRaspass avuserow: fixed now, thanks 12:05
22 Jul 2023
sjn \o 11:11
lizmat sjn o/ 11:14
sjn just wanted to say thanks to the folks working on raku.land :-) 11:15
lizmat I'm sure that will be appreciate :-) 11:22
24 Jul 2023
jjatria Very much so! Thanks, sjn! 08:05
8 Aug 2023
tonyo: you might have heard about this through some other channel, but it looks like someone could use your help with a faulty fez upload: gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/51 22:45
15 Sep 2023
NemokoschKiwi Hello, I wanted to take notice that Pakku as a distribution doesn't show up on raku.land at all, even though zef can find it, and so can modules.raku.org 21:08
Maybe this has something to do with the fact that it has kind of a funny versioning? I don't know but it doesn't seem right 21:09
16 Sep 2023
JRaspass Yep this is almost certainly a case of gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/43 17:38