30 Nov 2022
JRaspass technically xt was the start of that, but tests against a dev instance and isn't automated 22:19
sorry i keep forgetting to check this room, ION we now have badges! 22:20
lizmat JRaspass if I make the browser *really* narrow, then they're displayed under each other 22:23
like 40% of normal width
JRaspass yeah maybe the cutoff ought to be sooner, it was a fairly hastily created page, there's a lot one could add like drill down
lizmat as soon as something like 45% of the width, they go wide
drill down would be nice :) 22:24
JRaspass it's the latest year, open to better names that aren't too long ;-)
so yeah it would be nice to drill down into the 4 dists that haven't released since 2014!
there's a lot of dead code out there, that often no longer works due to stuff like GLR etc 22:25
lizmat yup... that would indeed me on my list... 22:30
melezhik . 22:44
I have started to work on simple SparrowCI pipeline in my fork  - gitlab.com/melezhik/raku-land 22:45
and lets what I can get here, integration tests with Pg db are absolutely possible, but for now, I just want some basic stuff - like here - fosstodon.org/@melezhik/109435156545571470 22:46
or here - gitlab.com/melezhik/raku-land/-/bl...arrow.yaml
^^ JRaspass
also - just another idea to think about - test against different Linux distros if you guys want to migrate, and against different rakudos, which is probably what you will need for the future, right now as I can see you use 2022.07 - gitlab.com/melezhik/raku-land/-/bl...erfile#L14 22:48
JRaspass i guess im sorta confused what you're trying to achieve, is this just instead of gitlab ci? 22:49
melezhik yes 22:51
JRaspass i see, in the nicest possible way i don't really see the benefit, seems simpler to use the one built into the forge 22:52
melezhik but also not just unit tests
which linux os bistro gitlab ci test against? I guess it's just a one, right? 22:53
so you can't choose different distros ... 22:54
JRaspass i think you can do any os/any distro with github/lab but i don't need that flexibility since RL only has one target
i can see the appeal for a dist, but that's not RL 22:55
melezhik yes, I just mentioning one of the features you have in SparrowCI, not only this
also you can test against recent versions of Rakudo, not sure if this is possible out of the box with GitLab CI 22:57
sooner or later you might want to migrate from 2022.07, yeah? ))) 22:58
so you can see possible issues ahead of time
sorry, need to go ))) 22:59
> i think you can do any os/any distro with github/lab - actually you can't . GH only allow to test in ubuntu, pretty much the same story with GitLab 23:00
you can of course run hosted job runner - but I am talking about the service 23:01
so only have ubuntu in GH - docs.github.com/en/actions/using-g...-resources 23:02
1 Dec 2022
Nemokosch Hello 17:10
> also: does Year signify the last update or the first release date ? 17:11
seems like we have the same thinking pattern, I came to ask the same question.
so it's the last update. Well, that's a little bit disappointing. 17:13
JRaspass im confused by the disappointing comment, we have the release dates of all releases of a dist (except p6c obviously) so what is it you'd like to see? From my PoV the point was to highlight how stale the eco system is or isn't 18:15
just about to upgrade postgres on live, there will be a few minutes of downtime 19:21
lizmat oki 19:28
fwiw, if we want to show staleness, then maybe we should group on amount of time since last update?
day / week / month / years
JRaspass sure that would achieve that same, just less maths 19:29
i just find it fun to see the shape of the curve of where the dists are 19:30
should be back now, on pg 15.1 :-) 19:33
lizmat nice... 19:41
still good to see that more than half of the modules had an update in the past 2 years 19:42
BTW, the REA is now at 9K+ unique identities 19:43
JRaspass nice 19:46
oh zef is now the top eco, that's very nice 19:47
lizmat yup 19:58
and a Raku advent about it on the 9th: github.com/lizmat/articles/blob/ma...ng-stashed 19:59
JRaspass ooo ill look forward to that, i don't want any spoilers :-) 22:40