lizmat yeah, and possibly make me #1 *and* #2 in most prolific authors :-) 08:18
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lizmat JRaspass: perhaps an idea to only allow each author's name only once on the Prolific Authors list :-) 11:43
JRaspass that's the de-dupe problem though, its hard to know its the same author, i guess you could de-dupe by display name but that is still vulnerable to someone stealing your spot 12:42
lizmat well, just do a .unique on the string name for now, only in the Prolific Authors list ? 15:21
tonyo curiously there're about 329 modules in the zef eco system, is that stats list de-duping on version? 15:44
lizmat 332 now :-) 15:49
333 15:51
334 :-) 15:54
340 # and that concludes all of the P5 modules 16:22
jjatria I think the stats list considers unique auth + dist-name pairs, grouping across versions 16:33
lizmat jjatria: indeed it does.... but I feel rather uncomfortable being at the top of the list of Prolific Authors twice :-) 16:37
370 19:15
and that concludes all of my CPAN Butterfly Plan modules
tonyo getting close on groups 19:26
need to handle key management so zef:lizmat can upload for zef:community-modules or whatever
but groups can be created
lizmat tonyo++
lizmat has done enough migrating for today
fwiw, it was not just migrating, but also .pm6 -> .rakumod, adding labels for test results, and a general sanity check 19:27
afk& 19:28