lizmat JRaspass: something I just noticed: when searching for Config, that module is not present in the suggestions, but it *is* found when searching for it 10:48
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JRaspass interesting, i wonder if we ought to prioritise exact matches in the autocomplete, atm its ordered by stars 21:09
and limited to the top ten, so raw Config just happens to fall off the end 21:10
oh it has null stars because we don't have repo data for it, so it actually ranks lower than the zero stars, yeah that seems a tad unfair 21:11
stars are a crappy metric but we wanted to avoid the issue metacpan has where "moo" doesn't even offer "Moo" on metacpan, but yeah i think putting any exact match first is a good compromise 21:12
`ORDER BY name = $1 DESC, stars DESC NULLS LAST, name` seems to behave well in my limited testing thus far 21:13
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