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lizmat JRaspass: I just notice that on a page such as raku.land/cpan:JNTHN/Cro::HTTP 20:54
the version that is activeis an old one ( rather than the most recent (0.8.6) 20:55
looks like the versions with 4 parts are sorted before the ones with 3 parts ?
tonyo it gets sorted that way in zef too 21:06
lizmat isn't that... wrong ? 21:07
afk for the rest of the day& 21:08
JRaspass ooo 4 part versions, that's a fun one 21:09
I guess I ought to agree with raku: $ raku -e 'say max v0.8.2.2, v0.8.6' # v0.8.6 21:11
oh i think it's a shocking bug in the sql 21:22
good spot
tonyo the version comparison in raku is more than just parts comparison 21:27
~ ❱ raku -e 'say max Version.new("0.8.a"), v0.8.5' (base) 21:28
JRaspass yeah raku's is smarter than mine, but my bug was silly, it's fixed now 21:41
i probably need to port more logic to mine but it also needs proper service tests with a spun up pg, this'll do for now 21:42