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JRaspass lizmat: So that actually is 0.9.01 but the version in the meta is wrong: `"version" : "0.9.0"`. The 0.9.0 tarball isn't indexed because like you said the meta is invalid json. Not sure what we can do here when filename and meta disagree, we trust the meta. 10:16
lizmat hmmm.. ok, so you could argue the META in 0.9.01 is also wrong :-) 10:17
it just happened to be valid JSON
wondering whether we shouldn't reject those cases also 10:18
JRaspass i suspect the new eco would?
cpan is just a crapshot :-P
lizmat true
fwiw, I think the version encoded in the distribution name should be used 10:30
because PAUSE would not allow uploads of the same version encoded in the distribution name, but it *would* allow uploads with a non-matching version in the META.
JRaspass can't people put any old crap in the filename though? name-with-hyphens-version.tar.gz is just convention? 10:31
lizmat that is also true, but that would imply evil intent
it has happened to me that I've uploaded a new version without updating the version in the META 10:32
(prior to using App::Mi6 :-)
JRaspass isn't the meta the primary source of truth though? 10:33
and yeah you're not the only one who hasn't bumped
i could maybe see to trusting filename on version only i suppose, it would actually fix a lot of collisions atm where we take the latest only 10:34
lizmat well in the case of CPAN, I'd say that wrt to version, the primary truth is indeed in the filename :)
JRaspass im leaning slightly that way, ill try and run some numbers in a bit, i wonder how many dists disagree between filename and meta 10:35
in the mean time i have a plan to finally allow crazy versions with letters, which should fix your uniname-words with its v6.c
lizmat quite a few, it seems 10:36
ah, no, my mistake
JRaspass ah FROGGS has a v in the filename, that's rare - `Inline-v1 Inline-v1.1Inline-v1.2 Inline-v1.2.1`
lizmat yeah, there are others
Vikna e.g.
jjatria So if META is correct but filename is not, we ignore the META? 10:37
That seems off
JRaspass we ignore one key of the meta i'd say, just version
i feel dist sites are just hacks upon hacks to cope with the real world, i wonder how bad metacpan's code is :-P 10:38
lizmat Sparky is a case, where there look to be at least 4 versions prior to 0.0.30 with incorrect version in META
JRaspass yeah i don't think it's that rare 10:39
jjatria I understand why this hack is attractive, but I'm not a fan. I'd lean more towards to not indexing incorrect METAs. I think MetaCPAN also has a "not indexing?" page with some common causes
lizmat gist.github.com/lizmat/178da597106...d151d38aea 11:12
list of 70 distributions with version mismatch between META and distribution name 11:13
only a few of them because of the "v" in the version 11:15
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