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p6steve hi folks - I am stuck with zef install Inline::Perl5 on macos 17:33
% zef --verbose install Inline::Perl5
===> Searching for: Inline::Perl5
===> Found: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.56>:auth<github:niner> [via Zef::Repository::Ecosystems<cpan>]
===> Searching for missing dependencies: perl:from<native>, Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON:ver<0.6+>
===> Failed to find dependencies: perl:from<native>
Failed to resolve some missing dependencies (use e.g. --exclude="perl" to skip)
please can anyone give me a hint?
lizmat add --exclude="perl" :-) 17:34
p6steve lizmat - yes that did the trick ... perhaps I should actually read the error message next time ;-) 17:35
lizmat p6steve: fwiw, been there, done exactly the same as you
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