tonyo lizmat: the cpan note is kind of alarming in that archive, is it fixed in the .tar.gz's META or just in the name of the file? 00:01
lizmat cpan note ? 00:02
if it's the former then it'll cause issues with people installing from that REA because version specific `use` will fail to find the backpan'd module 00:03
lizmat well, yes... 00:05
my argument for the correction is, is that it corrects an error that couldn't be corrected on CPAN itself
2. people wanting to use that module *now* either have not used an auth specific use statement to begin with 00:06
3. and if they really want to use that module, they'd need to fix the use statement, or we should implement supersedes somehow
lizmat goes afk for some shuteye& 00:08
tonyo i do agree with the supercedes thing, that problem will be interesting 04:11