qorg11 How to put a new module in raku.land? 15:39
lizmat basically, upload a tar-file to fez :-) 15:41
but more seriously: there are several tools to make that process easier 15:42
one of them is App::Mi6
zef install App::Mi6 and zef install fez
then do: mi6 new Foo::Bar --fez 15:43
and you'll have the framework for creating a module
once you're ready to release, do: mi6 release
and it will do all of the stuff for you (provided you have a fez login :-) 15:44
JRaspass There's also p6c and CPAN but for greenfield fez is better imo 15:47
lizmat p6c and CPAN will be both deprecated in the longer term 15:51
1. it doesn't guarantee ownership of a namespace like fez does 15:52
2. practically, updates to p6c and CPAN take up to an hour to become visible because of technical reasons