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JRaspass Shipped some shiny new RL features for the first time a while. We now render :emoji: in markdown, we provide the "long name" of a dist in the top right for copying into META/zef ie Foo:ver<1>:auth<bar>:api<2>, and a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes. 19:25
lizmat Cool! 19:26
JRaspass: the next version of Ecosystem will support a .river method that provides a hash that can be used to show the modules most upriver 19:27
JRaspass oh that's useful, yeah i need to see how easy it would be to integrate your ecosystem module into the rl builder 19:28
i kinda want to avoid having two caches etc
lizmat should be pretty easy: it uses the zef's caches :-)
the rest is in memory
it was built with having it run as a Cro process in mind 19:29
so all the updates are thread-safe
JRaspass yeah so we don't have a zef cache, that's my concern
we manually cache the three ecos
lizmat why ? 19:31
JRaspass it's just it was never designed to sit on top of zef 19:32
lizmat wrt River:
my $eco = Ecosystem.new;
say "Top five modules on the Raku Ecosystem River:";
.say for $eco.river.sort(-*.value.elems).map(*.key).head(5);
JSON::Fast 19:33
JRaspass i like the idea of displaying river stats but i think it makes more sense to built it on top of the sql representation of RL, your module will be fantastic for double checking the values though 19:34
lizmat fair enough :-)
JRaspass we have a many to many deps table already, it should be doable
do you give them a numeric value like metacpan does? 19:35
lizmat no, .river gives a hash with the names of the dependees as list
so if you just want numbers, use .elems on them
JRaspass i'm more thinking from the ui side, i like the three vertical lines metacpan uses
lizmat URL ? 19:36
JRaspass after the name of each dist metacpan.org/search?q=util
afaik the metacpan api will give you that level as 0-5
lizmat & tonyo: before i commit to it (hah!), i'm toying with adding a banner when the uploaded auth doesn't match the meta auth, what do you think? e.g. raku.land/cpan:ANTONOV/Data::Reshapers 20:06
it's a bit like meacpan's unauthorised red text
lizmat I think that's valid :-) 20:07
JRaspass there's also a few dists where the auth is missing from meta that i could highlight too 20:08
obviously both of these "problems" don't exist with the fez eco :-)
it's a bit like modules.raku.org/todo but intentionally much more front and centre in the hope of encouraging fixes 20:11
lizmat *phew* /me is not listed there :-) 20:13
JRaspass hah, yeah there's one of those i might steal for RL too, the asterisk version is really bloody silly, another thing fez forbids iirc 20:15
tonyo i like it 20:24
yes fez forbids * version
it will get chosen over every other version in that case 20:25
in the case where :ver is not specified*
lizmat looks like there are 252 distributions in the ecosystem with * in their version 20:29
but unclear how many of them are "current" 20:30
JRaspass: BTW, don't worry if you see a lot fewer CPAN modules in the ecosystem in the coming week or so 20:33
I've scheduled all of my modules for deletion
which will mean I will no longer be number 1 and 2 on the Prolific Authors list :-)
just number 1 :-) 20:34