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JRaspass tonyo: what's the current plan with org support in zef? would it let me say upload dists under the raku-land org and have say either jjatria or myself do the upload. I'd like to give it a go at some point, there's some parts of raku land that could easily be spun off as sep dists and i would like to see how to make the raku land ui show its an org rather than an individual 13:45
i guess the community dists would be a strong candidate for org support too
lizmat org support is live 14:03
it is being used for raku-community-modules 14:04
only App::Mi6 is not entirely up-to-date yet, so some manual changes to the ~/.fez... config file is needed before upload is accepted
JRaspass oh sweet, i should give it a go then 14:05
so this is an org? raku.land/zef:raku-community-modules 14:06
needs a camelia logo ;-) 14:07
lizmat yes
JRaspass i guess the org has no meta set but it would nice if 360.zef.pm/meta.json or some other api let me query who belonged to the org? do members also have to be zef accounts? i was thinking of putting avatars/links to the members under the org on RL 14:09
lizmat fez org members raku-community-modules 14:11
JRaspass ah its an authorised api, would be nice if it were public for RL - $ fez org members raku-community-modules 14:12
=<< Failed. expired
lizmat well, I guess you could consider membership to be more private generally 14:21
tonyo: I wouldn't mind if the org had a flag to make membership public knowledge 14:22
so that fez org members raku-community-modules would work for everybody
JRaspass that seems a sane compromise to me 14:42
btw if you want a logo, its tied to the email address, RL is using gravatar 14:44
can orgs have meta? i see no `fez org meta` cmd 14:46
tonyo expired means your token is expired and needs to be refreshed, you should be able to list the members without membership 16:12
~⸸ fez org members raku-community-modules 16:13
>>= R Org Name
>>= a lizmat
>>= m jjmerelo
>>= m tbrowder
JRaspass oh i got that, my point was it would be nice for there to be a public non-authed api for RL 18:06
tonyo could we gain meta support for orgs? It would be nice to give this a pretty name, website, etc raku.land/zef:raku-land 20:23
tonyo oops, i need to find my phone to get into aws - i think the endpoints exist but need to double check 20:38
they don't, i'll add that this week 20:40
i can update the meta manually in the mean time if you'd like 21:13
JRaspass it's cool, i'm happy to wait, thanks 21:22
tonyo fez :ver<35> has `fez org meta <org-name>` added 21:45
lizmat: ^ relevant for you, as well 21:47