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lizmat hmmm... why did Form drop out of raku.land ? 19:05
the current url in p6c is still valid, is it now ? 19:06
raw.githubusercontent.com/raku-com...META6.json to be exact ?
aaah... I think I know what happened... I put in the change in the meta list *after* renaming the master branch 19:18
JRaspass I think you've found a bug lizmat, looks like the GraphQL logic handles branches and tags but not commit SHAs 22:15
which is why the ingester (logs in the footer of RL) prints the warnings "Can't find github/raku-community-modules/Form" and one for PSpec 22:16
I've filed this issue gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/28 22:23
lizmat ah, ok... well... *any* URL that produces a META file is legal 22:51
JRaspass oh sure, you didn't do anything wrong, i just need to make the RL code work 23:13
and yeah even though any url is legal RL needs to be able to map them to sensible auth/urls/etc, its the same reason we don't yet support github gist dists or some of alexdaniel's more funky naming like nulls and empty string 23:16
lizmat yeah, and I wouldn't bother 23:17
p6c should be phased out sooner than later
JRaspass agreed, ill make the SHAs work though, that's a sensible way to freeze older versions imo
lizmat yeah, that's why I did it...
but only in preparation of removing them altogether 23:18
JRaspass i did wonder if RL ought to support rea, that's a bit like backpan right?
lizmat just for the time between between committing a migrated version of the module, that we don't want people to pick up under the old URL 23:19
yep... I did a presentation about it on FOSDEM :-)
JRaspass so i guess old ecos won't ever die if we add support for rea
lizmat but beware: there's already about 7500 identities in it
yeah, that's the idea of the REA 23:20
e.g. all of my modules used to live on CPAN, but no more
this week I deleted all of my modules on CPAN
they all live in zef nowadays 23:21
but should one want an older version, the REA has them
just do:
zef install Zef::Configuration
JRaspass i don't think i would add support for rea until we supported dist merging, since it would be nice to get to older versions of a cpan dist via the zef dist on rl for example
lizmat zef-configure enable rea
JRaspass but dist merging is a complex issue, i did at least ship eco banners on dist lists on RL now making it a little clearer 23:22
lizmat well, you could just have a look at github.com/Raku/REA/raw/main/META.json regularly 23:23
actually raw.githubusercontent.com/Raku/REA.../META.json
and use JSON::Fast::Hyper to read it :-) 23:24
JRaspass interesting, i'd not seen that before
lizmat contains the META of (almost) all modules ever in the Raku ecosystem
the Ecosystem module provides an API to it :-) 23:25
JRaspass the note about auth being unreliable for cpan and fixed, did you fix p6c too? 23:26
lizmat yes, the auth is either "github:loginname" or "gitlab:loginname" 23:27
JRaspass i wonder if we have any non github/lab git repos in p6c
in theory we could handle bitbucket, etc
i don't know how we register new prefixes
i guess we just add support to zef 23:28
lizmat there's one pure gist one, as a demo really
well... if we would have anybody on bitbucket wanting to do modules on p6c... it could be supportd
the module doing that is Ecosystem::Archive::Update
anyways, lemme know if you have any questions /suggestions / comments 23:29
it's time for some sleep here&
JRaspass yeah ill try and find some time to play with it, ditto
lizmat if you wanna play: the Ecosystem module also comes with a CLI called "ecosystem" 23:30