lizmat JRaspass: are you aware of the discussion at ? 16:30
any thoughts?
JRaspass I am, but until literally this hour I've been on holiday in Scotland. I'm planning to add some of the missing features in the near future, like author search. In general I'm happy for more focus and attention to RL but I agree it needs work 19:46
in terms of things like renaming/rebranding, not sure how i feel, i'll note that metacpan replaced cpan without doing either of those steps, just the redirect from old to new 19:47
lizmat JRaspass: well... add your comments to the discussion as soon as you're ready! 19:49
or not :-) 19:50
JRaspass will do, currently opening doors, windows, and watering wilted plants 😂
commented/brain dumped on the issue 20:27
lizmat thanks! 20:35