lizmat just a thought: do you know if the Github API allows a site such as add a star to a distribution somehow? 09:11
provide they have Github credentials, of course 09:12
similar for Gitlab etc.
JRaspass The V3 API defo can (the JSON, non graphql one) - PUT /user/starred/:owner/:repo - 11:08
Would be a bit weird in the RL sense though, I don't think it has a github account exactly 11:09
Unless you mean doing it on behalf of a user? Maybe if we had oauth login via github
lizmat on behalf of a user, indeed :-) 11:10
JRaspass I suspect we'd do it at the site level if/when we did it, so it's source forge agnostic, like how metacpan does it
But yeah the site could conceivably be r/w and not just r/o, it's why I went with pg even though sqlite would've sufficed. 11:11
lizmat it was just a thought, because shows the number of stars rather prominently :-) 11:13
JRaspass True, it does put stuff like source hut at a disadvantage 11:14
Or any fools using SVN :-P
Not sure I would want to grant a website the ability to star repos for me but maybe that's just me 11:15
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