JRaspass tbrowder: is the different that you need to submit the form after selecting from the autocomplete? This is mainly because we're using a native datalist. I might be able to auto submit the form when you pick a value based on a cursory reading of stackoverflow.com/questions/300227...ist-option I *think* that might be the same issue as gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/30 00:02
Oh brain fart, m.r.o doesn't actually have an autocomplete, i was comparing rl to metacpan who search on drop down selection 00:03
tbrowder thnx, i’ll try to record my exact actions and report it here. 02:05
ok, on iphone i type in the search window and module names beginning with those letters appear in a list at the bottom near the virtual keyboard 02:12
then i select one of the names and it appears in the search window. then i can press “done” or rhe “search” button. but, in neither case does anything happen. 02:14
JRaspass Interesting, I'll fish out an iphone for testing later, thanks 07:17
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