lizmat I assume is supposed to work on iPhones, right? 13:30
fwiw, I couldn't get it to search: enter something in the search box and it never actually starts searching 13:31
I assume some JS issue
JRaspass Is this definitely a webkit issue? Everytime I try on Android it works 13:56
lizmat possibly
lizmat only haz iPhones
JRaspass Ah, medium term I'm thinking of replacing the native datalist approach with something like , it's proving too hard to make work nicely 13:57
like you can't have it search as soon as you select something, there's no event
lizmat the odd thing is that it actually does fill the suggestions list, and shows it to you, but you can't select it 13:58
JRaspass weird, there's very little js in the current version since the dropdown is "native"
we're just wiring up a fetch req on type
tonyo likely the same problem tbrowder was having 15:40
JRaspass yeah 15:41
yeah ill go the "fuck it, just use a js lib" route then, and quit trying to do it properly :-P 15:42
i looked at metacpan's but they're using jquery ui so i did a bit of googling to settle on autoComplete.js
we can also have "rich" dropdowns with icons, so we could say differentiate between an author and a dist
tonyo no react? 16:37
or similar?
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JRaspass I'd rather not rewrite the site as an SPA, it's not a great fit, it's not an application like gmail 17:57
tonyo i mean are you using a FE framework, not react specifically 19:13
JRaspass Nah, just normal JS 20:10
ooo i can reproduce the unable to search with the gnome browser, it's defo webkit specific, interesting 20:16