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tbrowder JRaspass: raku land is working great on my iPad now. 15:50
JRaspass awesome, happy to hear it 15:51
tbrowder are you going to be able to get a tag search added?
and author?
all the search stuff lizmat put on the old modules site? 15:52
wait a minute, let me look at raku.land again... 15:53
ok, i see how to get tag-related stuff. 15:55
author 15:56
i don't see a way to search authors yet 15:57
lizmat tbrowder: fwiw, I've never had anything todo with the old modules site 16:30
tbrowder hm, did you add or add to the help icon (?)? 16:49
maybe you pointed the help out to me once, anyhoo, your name is forever in my memory as associated with it :) 16:57
lizmat could be :-) 17:50