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Nemokosch Hello 17:10
> also: does Year signify the last update or the first release date ? 17:11
seems like we have the same thinking pattern, I came to ask the same question.
so it's the last update. Well, that's a little bit disappointing. 17:13
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JRaspass im confused by the disappointing comment, we have the release dates of all releases of a dist (except p6c obviously) so what is it you'd like to see? From my PoV the point was to highlight how stale the eco system is or isn't 18:15
just about to upgrade postgres on live, there will be a few minutes of downtime 19:21
lizmat oki 19:28
fwiw, if we want to show staleness, then maybe we should group on amount of time since last update?
day / week / month / years
JRaspass sure that would achieve that same, just less maths 19:29
i just find it fun to see the shape of the curve of where the dists are 19:30
should be back now, on pg 15.1 :-) 19:33
lizmat nice... 19:41
still good to see that more than half of the modules had an update in the past 2 years 19:42
BTW, the REA is now at 9K+ unique identities 19:43
JRaspass nice 19:46
oh zef is now the top eco, that's very nice 19:47
lizmat yup 19:58
and a Raku advent about it on the 9th: github.com/lizmat/articles/blob/ma...ng-stashed 19:59
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JRaspass ooo ill look forward to that, i don't want any spoilers :-) 22:40