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melezhik hi rakuland devs 18:43
since badges have appeared ( which is a really nice feature ), I have some thought how we expand / extend this idea ... 18:44
I am not sure if you are really interested but hear the thing , what if rakuland had some distro based API where a use could specify ANY badges / meta info DURING fez upload stage 18:45
so say I want to claim that my distro has been tested against these specific range of rakudos and I just create a file located under .rakuliand or .fez dir in module distro dir and boom, rakuland shows that info in some nice format in badges tab 18:46
the thing is I want to do that only when I upload a module to fez echo system , because this is only true for the version that is releasing right now 18:47
so I don't this to be a part of my source control, rather then I want to supply this meta information for a distro (actually a build ) during publishing 18:48
such type meta data manipulation during release is easy imminent in SparrowCI pipelines how when fez upload is already automated there ... 18:49
so what you thoughts ? tonyo JRaspass ? 18:50
... the thing is I want to do that only when I upload a module to fez echo system and this meta info is only part of specific mod version (distribution) published to a fez / rakuland 18:52
tonyo i have a machine i want to use for smoke testing the fez eco, i just haven't gotten around to writing all of the scripts that need to happen 18:53
not enough time in my days
putting it in a file makes it not forward compatible and an outside system seems better imo
melezhik what is outside system ? and what do you mean not forward compatible? compatible with what? 18:54
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