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hythm for version 'ava-1', my reasoning is I want to have a version system similar to the one Raku uses 6.c, 6.d ... but instead of using the number first and alphabieical last, I want to use the alphabetical first and number last. new minor version would be (increment the number part) ava-2, ava-3 ..., new major version would be (increment the 20:39
alphabetical part, chose a butterfly name starting with "b"), for example "brimstone-1", next major version (a butter fly name starting with "c", and so on.
for version `pup` I would like to get rid of it from the ecosystem if possible, since I was trying different approaches and making a lot of changes, I was not considering it a stable version. 20:40
`pupa`* 20:41
JRaspass ah okay, if its expected to go alphabetically then i think that'll work, i just need to expand my version logic to handle non numeric sections 21:20
would be nice to get it onto zef though in the future then you can actually have releases rather than everything comes from master 21:21
hythm yes I plan to move it to fez soon 21:24
JRaspass I've filed a tracking issue on RL, thanks for answering my questions hythm - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/43 21:30
hythm Thank you 21:39
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