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melezhik Hi! Out of curiosity. Why this module raku.land/github:atweiden/Sustenance keeps appearing in the recent updates in Raku land with the same 0.0.1 version ? 01:35
Seems to github.com/atweiden/sustenance it indeed has real changes however version is not bumped . Maybe this a fez issue ? Or it is legit ? To upload to zef without version change ? 01:37
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lizmat that's the problem: it is *not* uploaded to zef, it only exists in p6c 09:02
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Nemokosch there are still some low-hanging distros in p6c but slowly I suppose it's time to at least turn it off by default in zef 09:32
lizmat it *is* turned off by default in zef 09:44
the default is --zef --rea
Nemokosch ohh 09:47
well, rea does contain those distributions as "first-class citizens" though, doesn't it
what I was thinking of is a way to apply pressure 09:48
lizmat well... the simplest way to apply pressure, would be to remove the offending distributions from p6c 09:53
it would still be installable through the rea
Nemokosch that would probably still help (somewhat) with this ever-popping release 09:56
lizmat I think raku.land should actually check for an actual version bump, and ignore if there is none 10:09
it's what I do for the weekly list manually every week :-) 10:10
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