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Nemokosch Hello. This has been bugging me for a while... "Popular Dists" doesn't look good, content-wise. First, "zef" and "cro" are simply duplicated. Second, and this is probably a more fundamental problem: it's full of legacy stuff. I suppose when the ecosystem was pretty much github itself, giving stars to repositories was much more common. 11:33
It's pretty bad marketing that under the name "popular dists", one sees mostly abandoned old stuff. If there is no obvious good way to improve it, I would be all in for removing that part altogether. 11:35
lizmat I agree to an extent: the problem with going by number of stars, you by definition favour longer existing modules 11:36
also, with people installing through zef, they're mostly unaware that there is something like a github repo at which they can show their appreciation
and you need a Github/lab login for that anyway, which many users may not have 11:37
in any case, at least the Popular Dists should pay attention to the underlying repo, and filter out identities that map to the same repo 11:40
and a similar check should be done for authors, filtering out identities that map to the same repo 11:41
I guess someone should make a PR :-) 11:42
Nemokosch "the more stars on github, the more popular the distribution" isn't a bad approach in theory, however, the outcome does matter. Anything that directs you to Bailador, Alma, panda and even JSON::Tiny to some extent, needs some change. Even showing random distributions by default would be better marketing. 11:44
lizmat perhaps the popular dists should be replaced by "highest number of downloads" 11:45
this would favour the distributions on zef, which by definition would be more modern
Nemokosch That may be a better idea
lizmat as the CPAN / p6c downloads are unknown 11:46
and since we want to phase out CPAN and p6c as backends, would be an extra incentive for people to move their modules to fz
Nemokosch of course that's also a compromise but imo a better compromise than the current one, which is mostly biased towards p6c era stuff 11:47
lizmat which, almost by definition, is outdated, bordering on obsolete
Nemokosch yep 12:02
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