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tbrowder__ imho, PRs for Raku.land would be more forthcoming if it were hosted on github rather than gitlab 02:33
JRaspass Is there really much difference between the forges? 09:06
lizmat apart from needing another login, I guess not :-) 09:10
jjatria I mean, most of them do SSO... 10:21
lizmat SSO ?
jjatria But if you really don't want to us GL, you're free to make a GH clone and a PR on that and we can review it and merge it ourselves 10:22
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lizmat ah, ok
I didn't know GH allowed you to do that (easily?) 10:23
or would this be a matter of cloning and updating .git/config ?
jjatria I don't know if GH has like a button to do it, but creating a repo and pushing your local raku.land clone to it is just adding a remote 10:24
I'm not suggesting this should be "the official way to contribute", but for people who want to contribute and are fundamentally opposed to GL, it is an option 10:25
lizmat understood 10:26
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