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lizmat looks like raku.land updates have been stuck since last Thu 18:19
JRaspass Oh? Me looks 18:28
lizmat last one the REA has seen, is Intl::Format::DateTime on 16 Apr 18:31
JRaspass Looks like d8fbf217822aeedcf75d916575c78822445a50ef.tar.gz is a fucked archive 18:33
So the ingester ought to not blow up on corrupted archives but I guess it ought to be fixed upstream too, let me see if its still borked if i freshly download it 18:34
lizmat looks like it is an apotd release 18:35
JRaspass Yeah, is 360.zef.pm/A/PO/APOTD/d8fbf217822a...0ef.tar.gz broken for anyone else? 18:36
lizmat "Damaged tar archive" 18:38
indeed amaged
JRaspass Hmm 360.zef.pm/P/RO/PROGRESS_BAR/55ef6...b25.tar.gz too? 18:44
tonyo is something borked in the storage side?
lizmat JRaspass yeah, also borked 18:49