tonyo will take a look shortly, i'm not near enough to reliable internet atm 01:21
JRaspass Thanks, I'm trying to make the ingester more robust so it can at least skip over these broken tars 08:43
lizmat JRaspass++ 08:44
JRaspass It's noisy, but it's at least building for now - 08:52
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tonyo what are the two tars erroring ? 21:59
i'm wondering if there's a problem with system tar on aws too, since it can read those
(or the one i know of)
removed those two 22:19
will be able to look more closely tonight (the files are still there just not in the index file so not reachable except by exact url)
JRaspass I think there was 3 in total, b994170df10048d10701b424cfcb18e6c9f63855 is the current one complaining 23:48