lizmat so it looks like no new modules for the past 4 days? 09:04
is the ingester stuck again, and/or is the zef upload producing faulty tar files again? 09:05
JRaspass the ingester is working fine, have there been updates? 09:43
The logs look normal -
lizmat yeah, it's fez/zef that is at fault
JRaspass gotcha, i guess neither of the other ecos had had updates either? 09:44
lizmat well, the Whateverable in Recents is a false positive
it was just an update in the repo
JRaspass yep 09:45
lizmat no new version, so the REA ingester ignored that
but indeed, no new releases in the other backens
JRaspass kinda surprised no one updated a p6c or cpan dist in the last 4 days though, i guess zef is taking off
lizmat yeah, which is a good thing :-)
JRaspass true true 09:46
lizmat I guess we will have to wait until tonyo wakes up
JRaspass Yeah
ION I did a little RL dev last night, I don't like that people do it but we now linkify "vague" deps if they're just a name AND that name is unique across all ecos and authors - 09:47
lizmat and then I guess we will need to talk about making fez more resilient
JRaspass $ curl -sI | grep ^l 09:48
last-modified: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 17:34:36 GMT
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lizmat ok, tonyo tells me that uploads to fez are working again now, and I've confirmed that 16:53
sadly, this also means that any uploads done after Wed, 19 Apr 2023 17:34:36 GMT have gone into a black hole 16:54
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