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rcmlz Thanks. Looking at 360.zef.pm/stats.json I see that the string "AccountableBagHash" is contained in the json whereas "Prime" is not. 12:48
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tonyo something is malfunctioning with the runner 15:40
and i'm out of sorts with it since i'm moving everything to a new server (the lambda mechanism we're using for the backend disappears from AWS in january so this is my priority at the moment) 15:41
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rcmlz I was wondering if it would be possible to generate three new tags: "linux", "macos" and "windows" indicating if the latest release of a module can be installed using "zef install Module::Name" 19:56
Currently it is not clear for users (like me), if I can use a module on all three operating systems.
One approach could be to daily install all modules using a github workflow (assuming it can be done in less than 6 hours), generating a JSON like 19:57
  "Benchmark": ["w", "m", "l"],
  "Grammar::Common": ["w", "m", "l"],
  "HTTP::Tiny": ["w", "m", "l"],
  "App::Mi6": [m", "l"],
  "App::Prove6": [m", "l"]
so same approach as for the number of downloads. 19:58
Any thoughts or ideas on this? 19:59
I played around with this for modules I use. github.com/rcmlz/Raku-Module-Health-Check 20:00
but I assume having an easy way to tell linux/macos/windows cmpatibility would be beneficial for many users of zef and raku.land 20:01
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tonyo i have, in the works, a matrix of raku versions/backend/dist/os usability 21:18
it's not quite ready for public consumption, either
oses are: osX, debian, openbsd, and windows
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