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rcmlz tonyo - regarding the "matrix of raku versions/backend/dist/os usability", maybe there is room for three status level. green=installs successfull with "zef install Modul::Name", yellow=installs, but with tests turned off, like "zef install --/test --/test-depends Modul::Name", red=does not install (currently). Maybe that is overshoot and green/red 15:14
is enough. Just a thought ... anyway, having transparency from Module users perspective what installs where is very usefull.
tonyo agreed, good point on the installs without tests - that's a good metric 15:15
rcmlz Sometimes it is also that modules use e.g. prove6 in their CI/CD tests (like MI6 promotes), which has issues on windows, so it is actually not the module itself that fails but a dependency or even a test dependency ... 15:18
Anyway, I have always a very bad feeling when installing things without full test switched on.
But I guess that the transparency introduced by "matrix usability" will have a positive impact on test design. 15:20
Looking forward to this. Thank you.
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tonyo 30k more logs to process and then stats'll get updated 16:03