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jjatria On a happier note, I've been triaging some RL issues, and I've closed a couple and found a couple other that were blocked but are no longer, so yay~ 17:32
tonyo edrose 19:02
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Nemokosch Different thing. raku.land/zef:tbrowder/CSV-AutoClass The default selected version is 0.1.0 from roughly one year ago, followed by 0.2.0 the fresh release, and 0.0.1 the initial release. 20:37
I think this is somehow because of the api field being set to 2 in the latest version 20:38
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jjatria Oh, interesting. We did make some changes recently to the version sorting to allow for non-numeric versions, etc. Would you mind raising an issue? We can take a look 21:40
JRaspass Oh it's because 0.2.0 has a lowercase "class" in "Autoclass", interesting 22:50
so are dist names case insensitive? I honestly don't know
jjatria `zef search autoclass` can find it insensitively, but zef does not install them if the case doesn't match 22:53
tbrowder__: is the case-change intentional? 22:54
tbrowder__ i did a drastic, breaking rename of CSV-AutoClass to CSV-Autoclass. It was accdental because of finger fumbling and gross errors in the original. The "new one is api 2, renamed, and released with some fixes, but it still has problems which i am fixing now. 23:53