jjatria gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/55 <- what to do about popularity? 13:13
tonyo using the repo as the source runs into issues with the upstream changes, eg if i switch from github to gitlab (again) then my repos change. this has happened a few times, or if i publish some version without the repo link in the META and then add it at some point in the future then i'm also kind of out of luck 19:20
stripping the auth *might* work if the user uses the same name across backends, eg, Zef:auth<github:ugexe> -> Zef:auth<ugexe> & Zef:auth<ugexe> <- Zef:auth<zef:ugexe> 19:21
that would require some analysis
i'm on the no pop boat, though 19:33
JRaspass We could always go the metacpan route, add user accounts and then let people vote directly on the site 23:50
I guess they're all just proxies for quality, upstream river stage is another proxy 23:51
As is freshness