jjatria I like the river stage, or the citation index, or something similar as a proxy for popularity, but the problem is they all rely on us being able to say "X many distributions depend on Y, so Y must be important", and those dependency relations are tricky to establish unambiguously 09:11
Freshness might be a good one, but it starts to encroach on the recent releases territory. Maybe we could replace the alphabetised list on the landing page with a "fresh distributions" list, which showed unique recent releases 09:13
And for popularity, if we are to keep it, it might be that fez downloads is the only measure we can use which does not involve eg. user accounts (that would also mean fez distributions are immediately more popular than any other, which is maybe a step in the right direction)
Sorry: fez -> zef. I always get those two wron >.< 09:14
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what syntax highlighter raku.land user for Raku 20:13
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jjatria In case melezhik comes back, RL uses Chroma: github.com/alecthomas/chroma/blob/...rs/raku.go 22:08