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melezhik o/ 07:28
hey I did ))
jjatria thanks, how do you use chroma for your site? I am looking for the same for one of my project 07:29
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jjatria melezhik: We use it from within the Go wrapper we have to Goldmark: gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b...=heads#L88 09:12
sjn jjatria: hey, would you be up for having a chat about SBOMs one of these days? :-) 09:38
jjatria sjn: Definitely! I've just had a lot going on, but that's definitely something I'm interested in. You're going to FOSDEM next year, right? We can of course talk before that, but we could also talk then in person 10:24
sjn jjatria: I'm wondering about submitting a talk for the SBOM track to share some thoughts about SBOMs on CPAN, but I guess sharing something about raku.land would also be a good idea. 11:27
My purpose is to throw some ideas and problems out there, to get some feedback from people who have thought much deeper in the topic than what I have done (and maybe what you've done? I don't know how much you have done.) 11:28
the deadline for submitting to the SBOM track is this friday, so ideally, I'd love to get others (like yourself) involved before then, in order to make the proposal a bit saner 11:29
"conference driven development" in practice :-D
jjatria: would you be up for a short video chat later today or tomorrow? 11:30
aaaah; maybe I shouldn't say "short". I think I have enough to discuss for at least an hour... So: for as much time as you can spare! :-) 11:32
the CfP is here: hackmd.io/@spdx/fosdem2024-cfp
jjatria: did you submit a talk for the Perl/Raku devroom? 11:33
jjatria sjn: I can chat today :) It would have to be in the evening, though, like 21:30 onwards London time would be best for me. Would what work? 11:34
And yeah, I submitted a talk about OpenTelemetry: pretalx.fosdem.org/fosdem-2024/tal...8MKNWWMMTU 11:35
sjn nothing about raku.land? :) 11:49
jjatria: ok, 21:30 is 22:30 CET... It's a bit late, but I should be able to do half an hour then 11:53
jjatria sjn: no, nothing about RL this time... I figured the advent calendar was enough outreach for the end of the year :P 12:08
Besides, the OTel stuff has been a massive amount of work, although I'm glad to see it starting to pay off :)
sjn jjatria: FOSDEM is next year ;) 12:09
anyhoo, if you have the tuits and/or a talk prepared, I think you still reach out to Theo to get a word in. Last time we spake he said there was still need for 20-min talks 12:10
and just presenting the project in this forum might help with getting the word out 12:11
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