jjatria We're doing some re-design of the landing page. Thoughts? raku.land/home2 21:25
tonyo vastly superior 21:29
sjn jjatria: it's good! 22:09
jjatria Huzzah! 22:11
sjn jjatria: thought you "Popular Tags" box isn't really navigable or useful. Popular by what metric? How is it sorted? If it's meant as a list, please present it as a list.
Also, lots of the tags there are hardly information-bearing at all. I'd consider dropping it completely, and find something that is better at helping newcomers at a common task. 22:13
jjatria On the old home page, the tags are displayed with a small number indicating the amount of entries in each. This list doesn't have that little number, but the tags are sorted according to that (with more widely used on the top left and least on the bottom right)
I think the tag page could do with a description of what the tags are at the top, that would be a useful addition 22:14
sjn I don't see a tag list on raku.land
ooh, you mean the tags under each distribution? 22:15
jjatria Ah, my bad: we display it in the "tag" page only it seems: raku.land/tags/util
sjn that's not at all the same thing as the box of tags in the new page
yeah, no 22:16
that's Tags box just as useless (I'm sorry)
jjatria We try to group some of the author-defined tags into smaller categories, to make them more useful: gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b...pping.toml
sjn: nothing to apologise for, but I disagree. I do think that it can be made more useful, though 22:17
sjn "How many modules exist, that are tagged with a word that the author thinks is useful" is what it looks like now
jjatria *distributions 22:18
sjn (on the tags page you linked)
yeah, dists* sorry
I'd probably curate a short-list of useful and information-bearing tags, and list the dists* in order of most common tag to least 22:19
jjatria I mean, that's what it is: the number of distributions tagged with each of them, and a link to a page that shows you only those distributions
sjn curate the list
jjatria You are not the first person to suggest that, but I'm not sure how it would work: gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/56 22:20
To some extent, we _do_ already curate them, like with that mapping I shared
And we only show the tags that are used by at least two distributions by different authors (I think that was the rule...) 22:21
sjn commented that issue 22:33