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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
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lizmat part 4 of the blog series about rak was just published: 12:37
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Nemokosch Hello, is there an example of using --paths-from or --files-from with - ? 13:46
I still haven't seen that working
[Coke] the versioning of rak vs. App::Rak is slightly confusing 14:24
just upgraded 'rak' but should have upgraded 'App::Rak', but App::Rak updates the installed 'rak' 14:26
I got there, but I could see someone udpating just 'rak' in the wild accidentally and getting confused. 14:29
LTA error: 'rak --find --file "*md"' "Could not compile..." 14:37
lizmat I guess I could make App::Rak a dependency on rak, but then it would carry a lot of luggage for someone else wanting to use the "rak" plumbing 16:06
Nemokosch the "could not compile" thing came up a couple of days ago for me as well 16:07
lizmat Nemokosch: checking on the paths-from issue 16:10
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lizmat Nemokosch: 0.2.9 should have that fixed
Nemokosch thanks, gonna check it at night probably :) 16:47
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