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SmokeMachine \o/ 17:24
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melezhik welcome, welcome ))) 17:25
lizmat ci.sparrowhub.io - SparrowCI - super fun and flexible CI system with many programming languages support, written in the Raku Programming Language 17:25
17:26 ChanServ sets mode: -o lizmat
lizmat live logs now also available at irclogs.raku.org/raku-sparrow/live.html 17:28
melezhik lizmat thanks a lot!
lizmat you're very much welcome :-) 17:29
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grondilu melezhik: hi, what openssl version does your test environment use? 17:37
melezhik let me see, it's should be debian package ...
grondilu hang on I need to relog 17:38
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grondilu is back 17:38
melezhik grondilu - gist.github.com/melezhik/8c24cb6e5...06faeddc86 17:40
just in case we have logs stored in irclogs.raku ...
grondilu I've just commented this github.com/grondilu/bitcoin-raku-t...1364142258 17:41
so, openssl 1.1 No surprise here. It doesn't have the kdf command. 17:42
what surprises me is that it doesn't skip the tests.
melezhik ok, we have two options - tweak pipeline and try to install the latest version and do skip in your tests ...
grondilu even in version 0.7.* 17:43
melezhik > what surprises me is that it doesn't skip the tests. - yeah ...
how you skip?
grondilu github.com/grondilu/bitcoin-raku-t...ip39.t#L46
oh wait 17:44
hang on
it's not the appropriate method, my bad 17:45
the thing is, this openssl test is hard for me to check as I have only one version of openssl 17:49
I mean I could do a tweak or something, but that would be a hassle
I've just pushed 0.7.2 anyway 17:50
melezhik ok 17:52
you are using - my $openssl-version = qx{openssl version};
grondilu yes, are system calls an issue? 17:53
melezhik no, I am just asking just in case ... 17:55
I need to check what this command outputs on container
worker@224f9310a779:/$ openssl version
OpenSSL 1.1.1n 15 Mar 2022
grondilu yes, so it should skip to line 50 : skip 'seed generation would be too slow without OpenSSL v3+'; 17:56
build 2296 succeeded apparently \o/ 17:58
melezhik ++ 17:59
grondilu gotta go, bye 18:00
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melezhik yeah, see you! 18:02
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melezhik lizmat I remember when I played with my butterflies , I set up a notifications send to irc channel from my bot, I wonder how difficult it would be to do the same for this channel? 20:09
I remember there was a problem that my VM from digital ocean IP address was blocked by libera ... 20:10
so I had to do all this infra with additional irc bridge or whatever ... 20:11
don't remember the exact name ...
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lizmat melezhik: so if I understand your question correctly, you would like to have your commits be announced here ? 20:12
melezhik not just my commits, just in general some messages I would like ci.sparrowhub.io send to there, say information about new builds , so on 20:13
lizmat ok, now, for Github, you would need to set up a webhook 20:14
payload URL would be: webhooks.liz.nl/?chan=%23raku-sparrow
content-type: application/json 20:15
and you should be set now (I've instructed Geth tp be here as well)
melezhik I can use this endpoint to send any message to #raku-sparrow ? not GH commits? 20:16
lizmat well, as long as they supply the same JSON format, you could :-) 20:17
but it's only prepared for Github pushes in their JSON format 20:18
melezhik interesting ... where can I get an information about this format?
lizmat docs.github.com/en/developers/webh...d-payloads 20:19
knock yourself out :-)
melezhik thanks!
lizmat BTW, not all of these messages are actually supported by Geth 20:20
docs.github.com/developers/webhook...loads#push *is* most definitely
melezhik ++
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sparrowbot hello from sparrowbot 22:05
melezhik lizmat I think I am going to use raku.land/zef:lizmat/IRC::Client maintained by you 22:06
I have already send a test message from sparrowbot 22:07
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melezhik the only hurdle that Digital ocean IPs seems are banned by libera 22:09
so I will probably have to set up a proxy server (ZTC or something) on my the VM that hosts ci.sparrowhub.io or maybe will find some other way around ... 22:10
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melezhik ztc => znc 22:20
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