Red ORM for the Raku language - #red logs are going to be saved on, and later
Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
japhb SmokeMachine: FYI: 05:52
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japhb SmokeMachine: 18:53
SmokeMachine japhb: it seems I found the difference... 19:03
this used to be true:
m: my %column = :references, :model-name; say so(%column{<model-name model-type>.none}:exists) == so(%column{<model-name model-type>.all}:!exists)
It seems I've fixed that in Red... committing in a sec... 19:08
japhb Ah, cool. 19:11
Would you mind commenting on the bug when you've got it worked around? (It would be good to nail down if this is a regression on something that really should work, or just a change in something that happened to work.) 19:13
SmokeMachine done 19:19
it must be fixed now... just need to wait zef to update its clan list 22:02
japhb FWIW, you should probably convert to zef/fez upload at some point soonish. Looks like the plan to phase out CPAN over the next year will probably be approved. 22:05
SmokeMachine yes... I'm planing to do it... but I need some time to do it... 22:06
japhb Nodnod. Thankfully, with mi6 now natively supporting the Zef ecosystem, it gets a bit easier. 22:07