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Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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patrickb o/ 15:38
SmokeMachine hi! 15:39
patrickb I just bumped the deps of RakudoCIBot. Rakudo to 2022.04 and Red to 0.1.60. 15:40
Now I get `On Red:api<2> references must declaire :model-name (or :model-type) and the references block must receive the model as reference`
o/ SmokeMachine! Long time no read
My first guess would be 15:41
The referenced line of code reads `has UInt $!fk-platform-test-set is referencing( *.id, :model(DB::CIPlatformTestSet) );`. I think it's fine. 15:42
SmokeMachine patrickb: :) is there a way to me to take a look at the model's code?
Sure :-)
SmokeMachine ok, odd... it seems to be doing the right thing (the line I mean)
patrickb You're always so quick to answer...
SmokeMachine :) 15:43
let me take a look...
the first thing I got using that code was: 15:49
sorry... of course...
sorry... let me clone it... 15:50
patrickb Oh. I think I found it. Failure on my side. 16:02
SmokeMachine really? what was it?
patrickb There was a `-I/home/patrickb/repos/Red` in my startup script.
I didn't pull in that repo and assumed just installing latest Red would suffice to use the latest version. 16:03
So what happended is using new Rakudo with old Red *without* 16:04
Just removing that bit and thus actually using Red v0.1.60 works. 16:05
Sorry for wasting your time. /o\
SmokeMachine great that works!
that wasn't waste of time at all!! I'm always happy of listening/reading about people using Red! :) 16:06
patrickb :-)
SmokeMachine patrickb: is there something you are missing on Red? Something that would be really good to get implemented? 16:08
patrickb I'm still waiting on but it's easy to work around, so it's not urgent. 16:11
SmokeMachine (I know there are a lot missing, but what would be the most important one?)
would you believe I have forgotten about that? I'm sorry... 16:13
patrickb As I said, not urgent, so don't worry. 16:14
SmokeMachine I've added that on beta release project...
I think I'm going to merge this PR ( to fix that issue for now... and when I have some time I'll implement the way I was thinking it... 16:25
patrickb: ^^
patrickb Yay! 16:27
SmokeMachine patrickb: would you mind on testing it out, please? 17:00
patrickb Replacing all `*.whatever ⊂ (SOME::ENUM, )` with `*.whatever == SOME::ENUM` compiles and runs. At least on first look it seems to also do the right thing. 18:12
Thank you!
SmokeMachine \o/ 19:45