Welcome the channel on the development of Cro, a set of libraries for building reactive distributed systems, lovingly crafted to take advantage of all the Raku Programming Language has to offer (cro.services). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Geth cro-http: 47fabdddec | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 2 files
Warn if a `route` block is sunk

I recently helped track down a routing problem that was a result of writing one `route` block inside another and forgetting the `include` or
  `delegate` before it (it was actually an `openapi` block, but same
deal). Add a warning to provide a hint, rather that silently ignoring those routes.
cro-http: 6f0bcb8495 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #143 from croservices/warn-on-sunk-route-block

Warn if a `route` block is sunk
cro-webapp: 4237fe7755 | Altai-man++ | 4 files
Present the simplest way to handle comments

Do not rely on considering things that are not `<` and `>` being literals, instead provide an alternative to parse "-- everything non-greedy before closing `-->`" after the opener `<`.
cro-webapp: 9c03234fb1 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 4 files
Merge pull request #49 from croservices/handle-comments

Present the simplest way to handle comments
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ecocode_ Hi. I'm playing with Cro and was asking myself if Cro can generate an openapi yaml file from the routers code ? 12:40
jnthnwrthngtn Not *yet*. We can't figure out enough to do that. But...when RakuAST lands and we can inspect the `route` block contents and look inside the handlers to find their `request-body` calls and similar, then it should be possible. 12:43
Currently it'd only be able to generate a very incomplete openapi spec
ecocode_ Ok. Thanks for the info. 12:50
jnthnwrthngtn I'm quite keen on such a thing because I'd much rather write Raku than a YAML spec :) 12:51
ecocode_ Since Cro supports importing routes from openapi, I was thinking that you were doing this the other way around.. 12:53
So I even started looking for tools to create an openapi spec 😜 12:54
jnthnwrthngtn At the moment I am doing it that way around, yes 12:56
There's editor.swagger.io/ which is an online editor for openapi specs
oh, grr, that looks like it's for an old spec version though
oh no, it supports both, yay :)
ecocode_ Do you use a tool to create the openapi spec? Or you just do it in an text editor ? 12:58
jnthnwrthngtn I've used the think I just linked you to, since it at least makes sure the syntax is right 13:00
ecocode_ 👍 13:02
jnthnwrthngtn editor.swagger.io/
ecocode_ For now I don't really need the openapi support. But it might be useful later.. so my best option for now is to start from raku routes 13:05
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Altreus hmm raku would be a great target for an openapi module 15:47
working with specs programmatically doesn't seem to be a highly represented problem in the perl family
jnthnwrthngtn There already is OpenAPI::Schema that does the parsing of the spec into an object model, which is probably a good start 15:49
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Altreus it does sound good 17:30
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