21 Jul 2023
jnthn SmokeMachine: But for things within the project we want a more sophisticated model, and so go from the source, looking for `is export` traits etc. And since Comma is not a Raku compiler/interpreter, but just a parser (with some abstract interp) it can't really figure out what EXPORT does. 10:23
I guess in principle when we see there's an `is EXPORT` we can try running it, but we'd need to probably do the "do you trust this project" prompt before that. 10:24
(We figure it's OK to run code in installed modules because the act of installing them can be taken as trust, but have been hesitant to have stuff automatically be run by the project being opened...) 10:25
Anyway, probably we can do something better in this area.
.tell Xliff The `around` blocks in an outer route block will be applied to the inner routes blocks that are `include`d also. 10:26
22 Jul 2023
SmokeMachine jnthn: thanks! But if the `sub EXPORT` is from your team own project, you’d it be a trust problem to run it? 20:08
jnthn: or even better, what would be the best way to get comma’s help autocompleting methods from dynamic generated classes? 21:01
31 Jul 2023
Xliff Hello! 07:22
If I'm serving static pages using "static 'static-data/content', @path" and want to have a custom handler deal with directory contents.. what would such a route handler look like? 07:24
If I'm serving static pages using "static 'static-data/content', @path" and want to have a custom handler deal with directory contents.. what would such a route handler look like?
jnthn Xliff: Hmm, you mean directory content listings? Think probably you'd need to explicitly form the path and do a `.d` check and serve the listing, and otherwise call `static`. I don't think there's anything build in for this. 15:38
Xliff jnthn: So.. something like "get -> 'root', *@nodes { ... }" 16:33
jgaz On cro.services it looks like the links to the domains raku.courses and raku.consulting no longer work. Maybe the domains were not renewed? 16:40
jnthn Ah yes, keep meaning to remove those 16:41
jgaz I figured it was an oversight. 16:49
jnthn Xliff: Maybe something like `get -> 'root', *@nodes where 'static-data/content'.IO.&child-secure(@nodes.join('/').d { ... } 16:51
3 Aug 2023
ab5tract So I've been trying to use the croservices/cro-http:0.8.9 image and am getting an error about zef not being installed (using the default Dockerfile generated by Comma) 15:14
I'm trying to use the rakudo-star image as the base instead, but it seems to require a lot of extra work to get into proper shape 15:23
jnthn: ^^ 21:10
4 Aug 2023
jnthn WEll, github.com/croservices/docker/blob...Dockerfile is the Dockerfile in question, and yeah, seems the install-zef script isn't ending up in the path...I guess an the image could do with a tweak for the next release 11:05
But you can see how to run zef from the example 11:06
5 Aug 2023
ab5tract Are there chat logs for this channel available somewhere? 19:33
Just curious how best to check whether there was followup of the issue I reported with the Docker image 19:34
lizmat .tell ab5tract irclogs.raku.org/cro/live.html 21:19
meh, no tellable here :-( 21:20
7 Aug 2023
Xliff \o 17:07
Can you assign an object to request.response.auth?
jnthn: ^^ (hope you had a great weekend!) 17:08
lizmat jnthn is on holiday for at least another week 17:10
Xliff Ah, thanks. 17:14
lizmat and sadly, I don't have an answer either :-( 17:15
apart from "read the source" and "try it" :-)
Xliff lizmat: And on that note, I'll take your advice... 17:57
But first... a nap!
26 Aug 2023
Can someone please tell me why this is an error? 19:54
<&doForm(.value, :$input-group-class, :$input-control-class, :$input-label-class,
:$check-group-class, :$check-control-class, :$check-label-class,
:$novalidate, :$was-validated-class, :$is-invalid-class,
:$help-class, :$submit-button-class, :$submit-button-text,
:$action, :$method,
:$supplemental-markup = '',
:$name = '', :$form-errors-text = '',
:prefix(GENERATE-FORM-PREFIX($prefix, .name)))>
Can Cro support a sub being used as an input to another sub? If so, what would that look like as a template tag? 20:15
28 Aug 2023
Does anyone know how to call function from a funciton in a Cro::WebApp::Template? 01:23
something like <&a( &b(.value) )> does not seem to work. 01:24
Nor does <&a( b(.value) )>
29 Aug 2023
Can you call a function of a function in a Cro template? 17:23
If this isn't supported, is there a workaround? 17:24
30 Aug 2023
SmokeMachine .tell Xliff I have asked a (not so) similar question long time ago (irclogs.raku.org/cro/2022-07-23.html#01:46) and it seems the template language shouldn't be used to that kind of stuff... 14:24