8 Jun 2022
jnthn Hm, it says it's not on any branch, so dunno. But it looks familiar... 13:21
Will check later
Xliff OK. Thanks for the help.
Geth cro-webapp: Xliff++ created pull request #75:
Adds the ability to add supplementary markup to the form
Xliff jnthn: There you go. 13:37
12 Jun 2022
lizmat stackoverflow.com/questions/725925...id-version 19:06
14 Jun 2022
Xliff If I have a sub with a signature like <:sub a ($text, :$n = 1)>, can I set $n in a template like this: <&a(n => 2)> ? 09:44
jnthn Well, you'd need to pass an argument for $text too, since that's not optional, and I think only colonpair syntax is supported 09:47
Xliff Ah! Thanks for that. 09:56
Next question :) 09:57
What's the best way to iterate when you only have the number of iterations stored in a variable?
Is the <@^$v> syntax supported?
jnthn No. Dunno how you'd do that with iteration. Can write it as a recursive function, though :) 09:59
Although I'd probably just send a Range into the template data instead of the number 10:00
Xliff Yeah, was thinking that. Was hoping to keep that solely in the template.
Thanks for the idea though. 10:01
I'll see if I can shoehorn that into the template language and submit a PR.
That will be in my copious free time, however.
Which is a complete lie.
jnthn I...don't really like that syntax, fwiw
Xliff Which would you prefer? 10:02
jnthn Dunno. Maybe a more general <@{ ... }> form a bit like the <?{ ... }> form 10:03
Xliff So...
<@{1..3}> ?
<@{$s..$e}> ?
jnthn Yeah. I don't even mind the ^$s inside of there, tbh
Xliff OK... so as long as it evals to a range inside the curlies? 10:04
jnthn Yeah
Xliff I should be able to work with that.
jnthn Well, I mean, it can do anything in the curlies really
Xliff Will keep you posted.
jnthn So it's 1) support having an expression in curlies, like with `?` and `!` sigil tags, 2) add range operators to the expression language 10:05
Xliff Yeah. Something like that.
jnthn Then it's neat for e.g. <@{ .some-cond ?? .some-array !! .some-other-array }> or similar 10:06
Xliff Yep. And value check would test that expression would evaluate to Iterable or throw? 10:08
Array will. Range will. 10:09
jnthn Don't think we need to; Raku doesn't 10:13
Xliff OK
jnthn (the "item is a 1-item list in such a context" rule)
Xliff jnthn: Thanks for the recusion solution. It was simple enough to implement. 10:19
jnthn: Is there any way to create a Signature object from another Signature? 11:47
lizmat Xliff: apart from .clone ? 11:48
Xliff No. 11:50
I was able to come up with this...
m: 1.say
Oh.. No bot here.
sub a ("a", "b", $c, :$d) { }; Signature.new( params => &a.signature.params[1..*] ).gist.say
The reason why I am asking, is that I am looking for ways to simplify application creation. 11:51
I'd like to set up a controller class that has controllers as the methods.
Then have the route block create the routes from the signatures of all marked methods.,
methods would be (METHOD, ...) where ... is the route
And METHOD, in this case is GET, POST, DELETE and such. 11:52
jnthn You might want to look at the OpenAPI::RoutesFromDefinition module that does something kinda similar with route handlers being partly synthesized from other things 12:51
Xliff jnthn: Ah! Thanks! 13:14
in RakuAST, If I want to create a Parameter from a literal, can I still use StrLiteral, or do I need a ParameterTarget? 18:50
The examples aren't quite clear on that.