31 Jan 2023
[Coke] other than cro. ok. 20:57
JRaspass FWIW the HTTP::Tiny issue is just that mirror isn't closing the handle before renaming and windows is fussy, so as long as you don't use mirror you can comfortably disable the tests, afaik JJ is on it 22:14
1 Feb 2023
jjatria FWIW, I think I've figured this out on HTTP::Tiny at least. I should be able to verify on Windows in the evening and push out a new release 09:43
JRaspass I wish Gitlab made it easier to test windows, I think GH Actions are slightly superior in this way 09:55
Xliff \o 17:35
I'm having a spot of trouble with Cro::WebApp::Template and Nil values.
Is there a mechanism whereas a default value can be assigned, so that if at any point in a dot-expansion the value is Nil, then that default value could be returned instead, as opposed to an exception? 17:36
2 Feb 2023
Can cro retrieve from FTP urls? 20:02
lizmat I don't think Cro supports FTP out of the box, but it should be (relatively) easy to implement it with Cro? 20:12
it's 20+ years ago since I did anything with FTP :-)
Xliff Ah! No matter. LibCurl::Easy supports 'em. 20:29
Thanks lizmat.
28 Feb 2023
Raku-GLib suite timing statistics for Raku 2023.02.17.g.95.e.0.a.1783 04:20
Total number of projects: 33 (502933 loc)
Total non-parallel compile times: 8706.870 (263.845 avg)
Total parallel compile times: 1393.242 (42.219 avg) 6.249x speedup
Oops! Wrong channel. Sorry 04:21
1 Mar 2023
QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM Probably a stupid question, but is Cro a web server, or can I use it with a web server of my choice? 17:59
lizmat Cro is more than just a web server, but yes, it is also a web server that understands various web protocols very well 18:00
personally, I have a reverse-proxy facing the world and have a Cro server sitting behind that 18:01
with the proxy taking care of https and possibly delivering static content 18:02
QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM lizmat: Sweet, thanks Liz. 18:32
Is there a guide on how to configure Cro to only talk to the reverse proxy?
JRaspass raku.land does caddy in front of cro, caddy is really easy to setup as a reverse proxy 20:02
2 Mar 2023
QhpAptyj9hj0RQwM Thanks JRaspass, but it looks like I will need to try come up with something else 01:07
9 Mar 2023
Xliff \o 15:08
Can someone tell me why A.^can('BUILD').head.file comes out as "src/Perl6/World.nqp" but $?FILE comes out as "A.pm6"? 15:11
This is in a BEGIN block.
Oh. Sorry. Wrong channel.
16 Mar 2023
\o 18:20
I have reworked the Cro::Webapp::Boostrap::Template layout.crotmp file to add a parameter to :bs-container like so:
<:macro bs-container(:$fluid, :$id)> 18:21
However when I go to call the macro:
<|bs-container :$id = 'container-id'>
I get the following error:
Template parse failed: malformed macro application tag at line 2 near 'bs-container :$id = 'container-id'>
Looks like token arglist does not parse named parameters. 18:23
japhb Or parameters with defaults? 18:27
Xliff Nope. Just named parameters. 18:59
Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("(1, 2, 3 )", rule => "arglist") # Works
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("( :\$id = 4 )", rule => "arglist").gist.say # Does not 19:00
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("( :\$id = 'domain-container' )", rule => "arglist") # Does not
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("( :\$id = 'domain-container' )", rule => "arglist") # Works
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("( :\$id = 4, :\$dummy=2 )", rule => "arglist").gist.say # Does not 19:01
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("(1, :\$id = 4, :\$dummy=2 )", rule => "arglist").gist.say # Does not
use Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser; Cro::WebApp::Template::Parser.subparse("( 4, :\$id = 2 )", rule => "arglist").gist.say # Does not 19:02
japhb What was the difference with the case that worked (the third one you sent that had a 'use' at the front)? I can's see the difference between that line and the line above it 20:14
jnthn The syntax is <|bs-container(:id('container-id'))> like in a normal Raku argument list 21:23
Xliff jnthn: Oh. OK, then. 23:45
30 Mar 2023
Geth cro-webapp: Xliff++ created pull request #81:
Drop down lists key on the value attribute.