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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
nine I managed to reproduce the leak with a pure in-memory application. I think what happens is that the responses get stuck in the Supply returned from Cro::TLS::Replier.sinker. 07:19
I only discovered this accidentally, since for my implementation of sinker I didn't look at the docs, so I didn't have it return a Supply. When I corrected this, the leak appeared again. 07:20
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nine Ok, it's got nothing to do with Cro after all. I could golf it down to just gist.github.com/niner/e21d3268d479...85b2bce7e2 10:51
Oh, all it really needs is just: my $supplier = Supplier.new; my $sinker = supply { whenever $supplier.Supply { whenever Supply.interval(1) { } } }; my $tap = $sinker.tap; loop { $supplier.emit: 1; } 10:55
lizmat nine: lack of back pressure? 11:04
nine Don't think so. Tests show one item consumed per item produced 11:05
And in the full blown Cro application this is golfed from, the test was just doing reated requests in a loop 11:06
lizmat Initial/Final Size: 104880 / 1094216 Kbytes 11:08
Total Time: 4.69 seconds
Total CPU Usage: 31.79 seconds
that's less than 5 seconds to grow to 1G
run with -Msnapper and press control-c after 5 seconds 11:09
nine Oh, I may have a fix! 12:12
For Cro::HTTP::Middleware that is
I think my golfed example leaks because no one ever closes the interval supply. And in Cro::HTTP::Middleware it's the $connection-state.early-responses Supplier 12:13
This no longer leaks: 12:14
y $supplier = Supplier.new; my $sinker = supply { whenever $supplier.Supply -> $conn { my $s = Supply.interval(1); whenever $s { } whenever $conn { LAST $s.done; } } }; my $tap = $sinker.tap; loop { $supplier.emit: 1; }
And for Cro a `LAST $connection-state.early-responses.done;` after github.com/croservices/cro-http/bl...e.pm6#L184 seems to do the trick 12:15
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Geth cro-http: niner++ created pull request #151:
Fix Middleware::RequestResponse leaking a Supplier on every connection