Welcome the channel on the development of Cro, a set of libraries for building reactive distributed systems, lovingly crafted to take advantage of all the Raku Programming Language has to offer (cro.services). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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jnthn .tell Xliff Probably the best way - if wanting to plug into the router - is to provide a role that implements Cro::Transform from HTTP request to HTTP response, maps requests to the correct method, and then use it as `delegate 'foo', ThatObject.new` 09:03
ah, delegate is probably taking a pair, so `delegate foo => ThatObject.new;` 09:04
Ah, though if you meant that you want to just subscribe methods to the `get`/`post` calls, then you can do it using `assuming` 09:38
(and assume the invocant) 09:39
Then the router will see the method sans invocant and stuff should work out
`get TheClass.^lookup('get').assuming($an-instance);` or similar 09:40
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Xliff . 10:41
gist.github.com/Xliff/c7e4b55598de...64c541ca9a 11:01
jnthn Xliff: Your "cleaned up considerably with class methods" looks hugely clutterred and repetitive to me. 12:15
But of course no objections to putting the code to make that kinda thing happen into a module :) 12:16
Xliff jnthn: Was thinking a Role, to be honest. Still...would like to know how to get there. The hygiene comes from not needing an explicit route block, as that will be autogenerated from self.^methods. 12:27
Which has the benefit of being MUCH cleaner when the number of routes scales upward. 12:28
If you think it does look "hugely cluttered and repetitive", I would love to hear your suggestions for cleaning it up! :)
jnthn Xliff: I structured larger apps by having route blocks spread over a number of different functions/modules and composing them with `include`/`delegate`. 12:44
Xliff Yes, I've been using that strategy as well. Still, sometimes it's nice to keep logically similar routes in the same place. This can make route blocks kinda cumbersome. I only offered another way to arrange them. I expect Cro-users will adopt a wide variety of strategies. 12:47
I'm only trying to develop another one.,
jnthn Sure; I think you already have all the pieces to get there, though, between the MOP, `.assuming`, etc. and can package something up as a module? 13:22
Xliff Yep! I think I can package it up as a role. I just need the time to do some testing. 13:45
And I don't have that ATM because I am doing much of this for $dayJob and I just got pulled off on another tangent. :/
jnthn Sigh, know the feeling, I had a 2 week vacation, and only just now have I dug myself out of the backlog of meetings/emails/discussions induced by it. 13:57
(Whereby I started on Monday. So 4 days just to catch up...)
Now I need another vacation to recover from it :P 13:58
Xliff Hahahaha! 14:11
(not to laugh at your pain, but.... I know the feeling!) 14:12
More often than not, my frustrations result in finding out more requirements for a project just when I'm about to deliver it!
My company doesn't believe in specs.
(halp!) 14:13
lizmat if your company does not believe in specs, they shouldn't believe in deadlines either 14:15
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Xliff lizmat: You would think... but alas. 16:34
japhb lizmat: "DWIM by Friday" 17:30
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