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FROGGS jnthn: there seems to be a bug that triggers "Cannot invoke null object" 20:08
it happens when doing the following
1) module Foo has a my scoped hash with an element and an our sub that just return the value of that element by key 20:09
2) module Bar uses Foo
3) you use Bar
the problem only appears when the modules are precompiled 20:10
and when it is about a hash, a my scoped variable just works fine 20:11
ohh, an array exposes this bug also, when return element 0 for example 20:12
here code is NULL: MVMObject * MVM_frame_find_invokee(MVMThreadContext *tc, MVMObject *code, MVMCallsite **tweak_cs)
the problem seems to be within the precompiled module Bar 20:14
ahh, I forgot to mention, Bar call that our scopes sub 20:15
and now I wonder what it is about... 20:16
is the invoke_o where the second arg is NULL about call the our scoped sub? or is that something within that sub?
like calling atkey/atpos 20:17
okay, it seems to be about atkey/atpos, because return the array just works 20:23
hmmm, using nqp::atkey instead doing it perl6ish works... 20:25
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