20 Sep 2023
[Coke] no segfault though 14:47
lizmat thanks! 15:23
[Coke]: BTW, re Slang::Date: is there a reason why you didn't store an instantiated Date object as a WVal? 15:25
[Coke] I basically stopped thinking about it when the test passed. :) 15:29
ah, I'm not doing the creation at compile time, just setting up a method call. Yah, in a loop that could matter. 15:31
I think I was just copying someone else's example, honestly
I'll open a bug.
lizmat I was just wondering whether there was a reason for it...
I'll make a PR 15:32
[Coke] github.com/coke/raku-slang-date/issues/1 15:33
I don't even have to WRITE CODE!? awesome. :)
If you're writing the code, I'll cut a release within a day 15:46
... error handling, maybe. 15:47
if it changes to a compile time error, that's fine, but we might need to change the test that checks for that.
lizmat right 15:48
if that's ok with you
hmmm.. I think I found out why the Date object is not simply put into QAST 16:28
missing serialization context
we don't seem to have a simple way to put a HLL object into the current serialization context 16:29
[Coke]: PR created 16:44
[Coke] does the eval need the use statement? 16:58
(there's one at the top of the test file)
Amazing how much shorter your version is! 16:59
wonder if my use of nok there was a p5 holdover or something. 17:00
lizmat yes, the use inside the eval is needed, since EVAL runs on the stock grammar (unless you tell it otherwise) 17:01
[Coke] aha! 17:46
21 Sep 2023
Geth MoarVM/2023.090: 5bd2a297f8 | (Justin DeVuyst)++ | 2 files
Update changelog and version
MoarVM: jdv++ created pull request #1768:
Update changelog and version
MoarVM/main: 5bd2a297f8 | (Justin DeVuyst)++ | 2 files
Update changelog and version
MoarVM/main: 7abf85f942 | (Justin DeVuyst)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #1768 from MoarVM/2023.090

Update changelog and version
jdv moarvm release done. 16:55
lizmat dv++ 16:57
jdv i mean it was only one commit. sleepy times. 17:00
24 Sep 2023
lizmat mastodon.social/@Wrzlbrm/111115001740642181 09:07
25 Sep 2023
and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/09/25/2023-...eleaseses/ 12:01
2 Oct 2023
Nicholas good *, * 05:49
lizmat Nicholas o 06:33
o/ rather :-) 06:34
jnthn o/ 10:13
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/10/02/2023-...n-4-weeks/ 11:17
MasterDuke huh. thought i'd see if BOLT made any difference after seeing it mentioned in docs.python.org/3.12/whatsnew/3.12...mizations, but it looks like it isn't enabled in arch's llvm 16 package. not sure i care enough to build my own llvm 20:21