25 Nov 2022
MasterDuke i just noticed it happened and took advantage of it years ago, hadn't thought about it again until just now 01:57
vrurg Ok, it explains.
Anyway, I'm working on drifting away from that mechanism and trying to get use of $*CURRENT-FILE in the context of current compunit compilation. 01:58
MasterDuke cool 02:00
nine: with the patch as is and default MoarVM Configure.pl settings, there's no easily noticeable decrease in CORE.e compile time. if i build MoarVM with `--no-mimalloc`, then the patch does seem to improve CORE.e compile times, from ~3.5s down to ~3.3s (both of which are slower than when using mimalloc) 02:16
so admittedly, not the most impactful of changes. i do think reducing allocs is good in general, but i guess amdahl strikes again 02:22
27 Nov 2022
timo ctrl-c-ing pretty much anywhere inside moar's Configure.pl doesn't reach the configure process which maybe it should 15:29
i ctrl-c'd it while "updating submodules" because wifi had just gone down, and it continued thinking everything was fine
and then of course "make" complained that something in some submodule was missing 15:30
so i was looking into validate_static_frame again and had it do a bit of measuring. i found a bunch of static frames that were small but took suspiciously long to run. however, running them a second time was faster by a big factor, so i'll have to assume it's due to some intermittent work, like maybe mimalloc doing something? 19:03
pro tip: i get much better results from perf record -g when i also supply --call-graph dwarf,4096 19:32
lizmat NQP stopped building for me. Steps to reproduce: 20:30
git clone github.com/raku/nqp.git 20:31
cd nqp
perl Configure.pl --gen-moar && make && make test
all is fine
update tools/templates/MOAR_REVISION
perl Configure.pl --gen-moar && make && make test
after rebuilding MoarVM successfully: 20:32
+++ Preparing MOAR build directories
++++++ Building MOAR backend
+++ Generatinggen/moar/stage1/nqpmo.nqp
+++ Compilinggen/moar/stage1/nqpmo.moarvm
make: *** [gen/moar/stage1/nqpmo.moarvm] Killed: 9
taking the steps: 20:36
git clone github.com/raku/nqp.git 20:37
cd nqp
update tools/templates/MOAR_REVISION
perl Configure.pl --gen-moar && make && make test
and all is fine
There is *defintely* something in the current config process borked :-(
MasterDuke  lizmat: fwiw, i've never run into the problem you're seeing. my setup is three separate repos with a common --prefix 21:13
timo: i always use --call-graph=dwarf, but don't know what that `,4096` does
ugexe: could zef searching be made case insensitive by default? i just search for `mi6` and got 0 hits, then for `app::mi6` and still 0 21:27
heh, especially since the script it installs is `mi6` 21:29
Guest45 Hi all 22:01
I was watching a presentation about GraalVM, it seemed similar to Parrotvm. Their goals were the same right? 22:06
MasterDuke i would say similar, not exactly the same though 22:07
the goal of enabling polyglot programming is pretty similar, but i don't remember parrot having the goal of enabling compilation to native executables (though i was never involved in parrot, this is just from what i remember reading about it) 22:09
Guest45 wow
this is what I was thinking, it didn't produce native exes. 22:10
MasterDuke huh. i just was testing a patch that made a very small change to implement MVM_recalloc using mi_rezalloc, and it causes an `MoarVM panic: Register types do not match between value and node` early when building nqp. i guess that means somewhere we're MVM_recallocing some memory that wasn't allocated by one of the mimalloc zero-initializing 22:15
hm, a search doesn't find any obvious such cases. 22:25
28 Nov 2022
ugexe MasterDuke: it used to be, but it lead to confusing outcomes, paticilarky with depends. Generally, zef aims to do whatever a raku use statement would understand 00:35
MasterDuke that makes sense for install, but for searching it seem like i already have to know the exact name to find it, which sort of defeats the purpose 01:10
ugexe For zef search it is supposed to do a less strict search 01:29
29 Nov 2022
MasterDuke ugexe: `zef search mi6` returns 0 results. `zef search Mi6` returns 69 results. `zef search app::mi6` returns 0 results. `zef search App::Mi6` returns 48 results. i would expect both the lowercase versions to return the same number of results as the ones with uppercase (or maybe make a 'did you mean <...>?' suggestion) 01:47
ugexe yeah i agree 02:04
the .contains here -- github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/d1fb6176...kumod#L159 -- should be case insensitive 02:05
MasterDuke i don't know what .contains candidate is being used, but a bunch of them have a `:i(ignorecase)` flag available 02:08
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/11/29/2022-...assy-core/ 14:05
leont \o/ 14:42