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dalek arVM: abfcb1e | larry++ | / (11 files):
Implement stringy uniprop lookups (enums)

Also, split the getuniprop opcode into int and str variants
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lue I'm having a problem where perl6-m segfaults upon trying to create a directory it doesn't have the permissions to make. 06:41
gdb stuff here: gist.github.com/lue/50aa8eee99c4bd60e8f2 06:42
♘ #moarvm o/
TimToady I see the problem 06:45
dalek arVM: 968d21f | larry++ | src/io/dirops.c:
don't printf errno with %s
TimToady is scared to bumb the revisions again 06:46
TimToady is scared to pump them too
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dalek arVM: 71ca1bb | larry++ | tools/ucd2c.pl:
don't return 0 for unknown str props
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dalek arVM: 44de6a5 | larry++ | / (9 files):
add opcodes for unibool and unimatch

Some tables naturally return boolean values, so getuniprop_bool will now return those raw values. On the cooked end of things, matchuniprop provides access to the fully aliased property matcher that regexes use for things like <:Nd>.
moritz blog.regehr.org/archives/1109 20:32
timotimo is reading the linked "favorite" paper on peephole superoptimizers 20:39
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