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masak timotimo's 1a224d30 can't be cleanly reverted on Moar HEAD. 10:24
oh, but the conflict resolution is trivial.
trying to build a Rakudo on top of a Moar with 1a224d30 reverted. 10:28
yep, bug goes away with 1a224d30 reverted. 10:35
suggest reverting 1a224d30 as a short-term fix.
lizmat masak: but you said it can't be cleanly reverted ? 10:40
also: fwiw, I'd rather move forward fixing the pb
I mean, does this really affect anything apart from constructed evidence yet? 10:41
masak lizmat: the non-clean revert turned out to be a very trivial conflict. 10:52
lizmat ah, oik
masak lizmat: I'd also rather we move forward fixing the problem -- but as a general rule I prefer we keep master working as much as possible. 10:53
maybe keep the commit in a branch until the problem has been resolved?
lizmat fine by me :-) 10:55
masak ok, nice. 11:00
however, I don't feel involved enough in Moar to just go ahead and revert that one in master.
I'll let others weigh in.
lizmat same for me, actually 11:04
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dalek arVM: 934d1fc | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/spesh/optimize.c:
temporarily get rid of optimize_can_op, as it can break stuff
lizmat timotimo++
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