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FROGGS o/ 06:53
jnthn moarning o/ 06:56
FROGGS hi jnthn :o) 06:58
long time no read :o)
jnthn aye 07:15
and got a meeting to go to now :)
But will be about this evening more :) 07:16
FROGGS yay :o)
ewww, looks like out $*INPUT_LINE_SEPARATOR is a smiley 07:17
jnthn :-( 07:19
commute &
FROGGS s/out/our/ 07:22
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brrt hi #moarvm 14:23
jnthn o/ brrt 14:25
brrt hey jnthn
i've separated dynasm into its' own repo
as you may have seen :-)
jnthn yeah...I guess maybe we want this as a MoarVM/dynasm repo? 14:26
brrt sure, of course, but now its just a clone :-) 14:27
jnthn brrt: github.com/MoarVM/dynasm now exists 14:32
brrt: and you have permissions to push there 14:33
or should do anyway
also gave you push access to MoarVM repo itself.
brrt oooh... awesome
jnthn Usual rules apply: if you're not sure about something, do it in a branch and ask for review. If you're confident, just go ahead.
brrt i'll guess i'll update my remote urls then
sure 14:34
i've created a moar-jit branch on my own repo
but i find keeping it up to date with the 'official' repo is a pain
jnthn yeah, then feel free to work in the real repo in a branch :)
Plus your commits get reported here :) 14:35
Which is helpful for me to follow what you're doing :)
brrt sure
answer - not much yet
dalek arVM/moar-jit: cc59c77 | (Bart Wiegmans)++ | / (3 files):
Added DynASM as a 3rd party submodule. Also check if we can run dynasm
brrt oh, awesome
we're going to see a lot of that 14:40
dalek arVM/moar-jit: e328e01 | (Bart Wiegmans)++ | .gitmodules:
Updated url for dynasm submodule
jnthn \o/ 14:46
brrt i'm going to make dinner now 14:49
jnthn om nom
brrt afk :-) see you this evening
yes, falafel probably
14:49 brrt left
.oO( if you make it wrong, it's a fala-fel... )
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