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timotimo the "serialized blob in the string heap" thing is from QASTCompilerMAST's deserialization_code method 10:45
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JimmyZ_ obj_facts->usages-- # usages means version, right? 12:57
and I don't known what MVM_spesh_use_facts does 12:58
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jnthn No, it's not about version, it's about how many things use that version 13:23
Facts are held per version
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JimmyZ_ oh 13:44
what about MVM_spesh_use_facts? 13:49
I see obj_facts->usages-- always with MVM_spesh_use_facts(..., obj_fact); 13:51
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jnthn usages is about the variable the fact descibes 15:04
use_facts is saying "I'm using this fact fro something"
And controls guard emission
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timotimo .tell JimmyZ_ if we manage to get the number of superfluous set instructions that are created from QASTCompilerMAST down a little, we'll get benefits all over the whole system: fewer temp register means smaller frame objects, smaller facts database in spesh, fewer registers kept alive because they have to survive until they hit a deopt point, ... 16:39
so if you want a "little" project, go for it :) 16:40
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