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JimmyZ jnthn: I want to change the function used in optimize_bb returns enum { RETRY_OPTIMIZE; NEXT }, so the loop in opitmize_bb could retry optimization in case current ins changed by some optimization functions 12:02
jnthn But we can already do that by putting "continue;" after the function call? 12:11
Oh, though we need to know if anything changed, I guess. 12:12
Alternatively, various optimizations do already, I think, make calls to optimize further what they just did 12:13
And that seems to have worked OK for us so far. 12:15
JimmyZ well, some function may change current ins to one of several another ins, and some function(out of optimize.c) will too. if we just make calls to optimize_OP function, we need to be very careful about what ins it will be changed to. 12:28
But just retry optimization in the loop in optimize_bb will be simpler. 12:29
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JimmyZ like REPR(facts->type)->spesh 12:32
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JimmyZ i.e: return retry_optimize if current op changed and then go to back 'switch (ins)' is better than judging ins that is optimized to SET op verywhere and then call optimize_set 14:40
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